We are in the middle of probably the toughest times regarding ‘day to day’ working issues that our generation have ever seen. 2020 will be a very difficult year for all of us, because the corona pandemic presents us with unknown operational and financial challenges. Given where we are today Mueller Quadax position is: “We will succeed in overcoming the ‘Covid 19’ crisis by pooling our strengths”.

Currently we can report that our operations in the German manufacturing facilities will continue by working in shifts. This is being achieved by our teams splitting into two groups – one group working morning hours and the other evening hours – giving us as complete coverage without losing personnel while still practicing ‘social distancing’. That is one aspect that we can control.

Part of the process that we have no control over will present additional challenges. It already has begun with our supply chain getting affected by some major implications. Our primary foundry in India is on shutdown with their timing to re-open as yet unknown and our secondary vendor located in Spain is facing tough times with the virus as well. That means that we will most likely experience delivery issues in our casting supply chain.

Rest assure we are doing everything possible to meet the confirmed delivery dates and mitigate any issues that could arise based on any unforeseen delays. However, please note that there could be delays in the supply chain and therefore our confirmed delivery dates are subject to possible change. We will communicate any possible delays.

Further to supply chain please know that the health and safety for our employees and business partners is most important issue to us and therefore we have taken a lot of actions and restrictions internally. The QUADAX® HQ and QVI Sales Teams are working 80% from home, but know that you can be sure that our technical sales support will stay on a level like without COVID-19. We are fully committed to provide the best support possible and will work within the best available communication applications to give your customers their answers.

We at QUADAX® strongly believe that we all have to stand together with our LOYAL partnerships to survive these crazy times.

Let´s continue to move forward with positive attitude. The time after COVID-19 will come and we all will come through this in a much better position having created better systems, stronger alliances and forged greater business relationships.

We hope that you and your families stay all in good health and we are looking forward to seeing you soon…

Kindest regards
Your Quadax® TEAM